EGT 49th Goldenstates Nitro Funny Car | Round 2

24 - 25 November 2023

@ Perth Motorplex

Witness history as the first event of the newly formed National Drag Racing Championship (NDRC) on the West Coast roars into action!

Event In Detail

The West Coast roars into action! Headlined by 11,000 horsepower, flame throwing missiles, the Nitro Funny Cars will be ripping down the quarter mile at 500km/h!

They’re backed by Top Doorslammer, Pro Alcohol and Top Fuel Motorcycle across two huge nights of high-powered drag racing.

PLUS all your favourite Sportsman Championship brackets racing for national event glory!

Hospitality suites are available – a great chance to see all the action from the comfort and privacy of your own air-conditioned corporate suite!


11:00 AM Competitor Gate Open
2:45 PM NDRC Test Session TEST
3:45 PM Super Street Q1
3:58 PM Modified Bike Q1
4:00 PM General Public Gates Open
4:08 PM Super Sedan Q1
4:16 PM Junior Dragster Q1
4:29 PM Modified Q1
4:35 PM Top Sportsman Q1
4:43 PM Supercharged Outlaws Q1
4:53 PM Comp Bike Q1
5:00 PM Super Stock Q1
5:08 PM Competition Q1
5:20 PM Super Sedan Q2
5:28 PM Super Street Q2
5:41 PM Modified Bike Q2
5:51 PM Break/Track Prep
6:25 PM Opening Ceremony
6:30 PM Nitro Funny Car Q1
6:45 PM Top Doorslammer Q1
7:00 PM Top Fuel Motorcycle Q1
7:16 PM Pro Alcohol Q1
7:25 PM Junior Dragster Q2
7:38 PM Comp Bike Q2
7:45 PM Super Stock Q2
7:53 PM Competition Q2
8:05 PM Modified Q2
8:11 PM Top Sportsman Q2
8:19 PM Supercharged Outlaws Q2
8:29 PM Track Prep
8:44 PM Top Doorslammer Q2
8:59 PM Top Fuel Motorcycle Q2
9:15 PM Pro Alcohol Q2
9:24 PM Nitro Funny Car Q2
9:39 PM Comp Bike Q3
9:46 PM Super Stock Q3
9:54 PM Competition Q3
10:06 PM Event Close
8:00 AM Competitor Gate Open
1:00 PM General Public Gates Open
1:15 PM Super Street Q3
1:28 PM Junior Dragster Q3
1:41 PM Modified Bike Q3
1:51 PM Super Sedan Q3
1:59 PM Modified Q3
2:05 PM Top Sportsman Q3
2:13 PM Supercharged Outlaws Q3
2:23 PM Super Street ELIM 1
2:36 PM Comp Bike CS 1 of 3
2:43 PM Modified Bike ELIM 1
2:54 PM Junior Dragster ELIM 1
3:07 PM Super Sedan ELIM 1
3:15 PM Modified ELIM 1
3:21 PM Super Street ELIM 2
3:28 PM Top Sportsman ELIM 1
3:36 PM Super Stock ELIM 1
3:43 PM Modified Bike ELIM 2
3:49 PM Junior Dragster ELIM 2
3:56 PM Break/Track Prep
4:45 PM Opening Ceremony
5:00 PM Nitro Funny Car ARF1
5:18 PM Top Doorslammer ARF1
5:38 PM Top Fuel Motorcycle ARF1
5:54 PM Pro Alcohol ARF1
6:03 PM Comp Bike CS 2 of 3
6:10 PM Competition ELIM 1
6:22 PM Supercharged Outlaws ELIM 1
6:32 PM Top Sportsman ELIM 2
6:37 PM Super Street ELIM 3
6:41 PM Super Sedan ELIM 2
6:46 PM Modified Bike ELIM 3
6:49 PM Track Prep
6:59 PM Top Doorslammer ARF2
7:19 PM Nitro Funny Car ARF2
7:37 PM Top Fuel Motorcycle ARF2
7:53 PM Pro Alcohol ARF2
8:02 PM Competition SEMI
8:08 PM Super Stock SEMI
8:13 PM Comp Bike CS 3 of 3
8:20 PM Supercharged Outlaws SEMI
8:26 PM Top Sportsman SEMI
8:30 PM Modified SEMI
8:35 PM Junior Dragster SEMI
8:40 PM Super Street SEMI
8:42 PM Super Sedan SEMI
8:44 PM Modified Bike SEMI
8:46 PM Finals
8:46 PM Junior Dragster FINAL
8:51 PM Super Street FINAL
8:52 PM Modified FINAL
8:54 PM Super Sedan FINAL
8:56 PM Modified Bike FINAL
8:57 PM Top Sportsman FINAL
8:59 PM Comp Bike FINAL
9:01 PM Super Stock FINAL
9:04 PM Competition FINAL
9:07 PM Supercharged Outlaws FINAL
9:10 PM Track Prep
9:20 PM Pro Alcohol FINALS
9:29 PM Top Fuel Motorcycle FINALS
9:45 PM Top Doorslammer FINALS
10:05 PM Nitro Funny Car FINALS
10:23 PM Event Close
Group 1 Categories: Nitro Funny Car, Top Doorslammer, Top Fuel Motorcycle, Pro Alcohol, Aeroflow Sportsman Championship Series
Trophies / Prize Money: TBA
Sanctioning Body: ANDRA
Rules & Regulations: Click Here
Special Features: Drifting, Fmx, Fireworks, Burnouts